Why Is Having a Home Inventory so Important?

Simplify Insurance Claims With a Home Inventory

If your home and personal property were damaged, would you be able to remember all your belongings? Consider that you also are in a state of shock due to the loss and/or damage to your home. It has been our experience that having a home inventory is one of the best ways to help you recover from a devastating loss.

Having a home inventory is the easiest and best way to manage insurance claims after a disaster or loss. This action also expedites the claim process, making it easier to get paid.

How to Start the Inventory Process

To create your home inventory list, go through each room of your house, list, and take photos of its contents. Be sure to list large and expensive items individually (like appliances, jewelry, and furniture) and group together smaller items in sets (like books, toys, or linens). Don’t forget to include items stored in your basement, attic, garage, or shed.

If you have a larger home, or many belongings, starting a home inventory list may seem overwhelming. Try breaking the project into several, smaller tasks. For example, inventory just one room a day or one category of items (furniture, for example) at a time.

Time Saving Tips

  • Record the serial numbers of your electronics and appliances.
  • Take many photos.
  • Count clothing by category, i.e., pants, shoes, etc.
  • Keep proof of purchases, receipts, and detailed records of antiques, jewelry, and major appliances.
  • Use a mobile app. There are several mobile apps that can help you.
  • Add new purchases as you go.
  • Backup your inventory files on the cloud or keep them in a fire safe box.
  • Having this information ensures you have an accurate value to insure your home and possessions. If you have too little coverage, you can’t replace lost property, and if you have too much, you are paying higher premiums than you need to.

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