Voluntary Insurance

Any Georgia insurance company will tell you – increasing costs has led many employers to decrease or revoke employee insurance benefits. Voluntary benefits are a great way to offer employees expanded benefits without added employer costs.

Studies have shown that employees want extended health insurance options, even if they are required to pay for them. For companies that want to convey these benefits, voluntary benefits fill that need and are:

  • 100 percent employee paid through automatic payroll deductions
  • Solicited and enrolled by a Turner, Wood & Smith enrollment team
  • Cost-efficient, portable and contribute to an employee’s work/life balance

As a leading Georgia insurance company, Turner, Wood & Smith offers lifestyle protection coverages, including:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Universal/Permanent Life Insurance
  • Short-term and Long-term Disability
  • Dental, Vision, Long-Term Care, and Cancer/Dread Disease Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Retiree Medical/Medicare Supplements

The Appeal of Voluntary Benefits

Turner, Wood & Smith is a Georgia insurance company with considerable experience in voluntary benefits and we have found widespread appeal among employees and employers. Employers enjoy:

  • Increased expense control
  • Additional benefits at no extra cost
  • Important tools for attracting and retaining valued employees

Employees enjoy:

  • Access to additional customized benefits that boast affordable premiums and portable coverage
  • Easy enrollment and convenient payroll deductions
  • Savings on daily needs and major life events

Want to see if voluntary benefits are right for you? Contact your local experts at Turner, Wood & Smith today.