Fully Insured Group Health Insurance

For Georgia companies, providing health insurance benefits requires careful plan design and review to guarantee the best option for both the company and employees. Financing a fully insured Georgia health insurance plan may be your best option.

A fully insured plan is commonly preferred by small employers with fewer than 200 employees. In fact, 2008 statistics show that 88 percent of workers in this group and 45 percent of workers overall were covered by fully insured plans.

For employers, a fully insured Georgia health insurance plan means:

  • You pay a per-employee premium to an insurance company which in turn assumes the risk of providing health coverage for pre-determined insured events. This allows you to know your risk/costs ahead of time for budgeting purposes
  • Insurance premiums are the same for each employee, but can vary in overall cost based on the employer’s size, health care use and employee characteristics. Premiums can change as employee demographic change.

Knowledgeable Answers to Your Georgia Health Insurance Questions

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