Commercial Auto

When your Georgia business goes on the road, auto insurance is an absolute must. Whether it’s a single commercial vehicle or a whole fleet, auto insurance laws in Georgia require a variety of both liability and physical damage coverage.

Our Georgia auto insurance experts can gather a variety of quotes to find the best coverage at the best price. Auto insurance policies in Georgia often include some or all of the following:

  • Liability Coverage. This part of your Fleet policy provides protection against legal liability arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of any insured automobile. The coverage pays damages for bodily injury or property damage for which the insured is legally responsible because of an auto accident. In addition to the payment of damages, the policy also covers legal defense costs. This is in addition to the policy limits. Coverages may include:
    • Medical payments. This covers reasonable and necessary medical and funeral expenses incurred by an insured because of bodily injury or death caused by an accident.
    • Uninsured motorist. This pays for bodily injury to an insured who is injured by an uninsured motorist, a hit-and-run driver or a driver whose insurer become insolvent.
    • Non-owned autos. Coverage is provided only for autos not owned, leased, hired, or borrowed by the named insured. Coverage includes autos owned by the insured’s employees or members of their households, but only while used in the insured’s business or personal affairs.
    • Hired auto. This covers leased, hired, rented, or borrowed for use in the insured’s business.
  • Physical Damage Coverage. This part of your Fleet policy covers you for the following:
    • Collision. This provided protection against loss or damage to a covered auto or a non-owned auto resulting from the impact of another vehicle or object.
    • Comprehensive. This coverage provides protections against loss or damage to a covered auto resulting from loss other than a collision or upset. This coverage also provides for supplemental payments for transportation expenses in the event of total theft.
    • Specified cause of loss. This coverage provides protection against loss from fire, lightning, or explosion; theft; windstorm, hail, or earthquake; flood; mischief or vandalism; and sinking, burning, collision or derailment of a conveyance transporting the covered auto.

Additional Georgia auto insurance may be added for:

  • Rental reimbursement. If a loss to your covered auto occurs, this will reimburse expenses incurred to rent a substitute.
  • Towing and labor. This reimburses costs of towing and labor each time a covered auto is disabled.

When you’re ready to talk with a professional about your specific auto insurance needs in Georgia, give us a call. Smart, cost effective coverage is waiting for you.